• Cerridwen's Spell

    Since moving to Wales I've felt drawn to understand more about our connection to the land through the reading the old myths and stories. I discovered that the story of Cerridwen and Taliesin took place on the shores of Bala Lake
  • Welcome to my new blog! ~ The Celtic and Faerie Artwork of Kate Monkman

    I thought it would be good to start my new blog by explaining the terms Faerie and Celtic a little bit more and why I use them. When I first started painting faerie art back in 2004 the term faerie wasn’t that widely known and I had a few people inform me that I’d spelt ‘Fairy’ wrong, thankfully the world of faerie has become a lot more popular over the years and most people recognise that it’s not actually a spelling mistake (though I am very bad at spelling!) The word ‘Faerie’ is the old spelling of fairy originating in France. I chose the old spelling of fairy on purpose as I knew the fairies I wanted to paint were not your typical fairies

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