Maple and  the Crystal Cavern                     

New Children's book all about the wonders of Mycelium!


I've written my very first children's book 'Maple and the Crystal Cavern' and I'm currently busy working on all the illustrations.

Join Maple Syrup on an exciting adventure as she journey's from the soot and smog of LLandfill town right in the centre of FaekieLand - a huge human rubbish dump - to the magical Crystal Caverns home of the curious mycelie fungus gnomes.
Learn the mycelies secrets, dance the 'Jiggle Jig' and take a ride on the crystal slide! Will Maple discover who she truly is?


A magical and fun children's story all about the wonders of mycelium fungus and the 'Wood Wide Web' (nature's internet) learn how miraculous mushrooms could help save the planet!

You can already purchase the un-illustrated version of the story for just 99p on kindle using the link below


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Or if you'd rather wait until for the fully illustrated version please follow Maple's page on facebook for updates


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New Children's Book!


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